Online Texas Hold’em – How To Play And How To Win

Online Texas Hold’em – How To Play And How To Win

Online Texas Hold’em is the popular poker game of choice played by poker players all over the world. The popularity of the game has been phenomenal and has enabled a new game to dominate the ranks of one of the oldest card games in the world—poker!

If you want to join in and play, then the best game of Texas Hold’em is undoubtedly no limit Texas Hold’em. Non-stop action in Hold’em is found in any online poker room within the confines of the virtual world but if you’re going to play, then you need to learn how to play and then you need to know how to win!

The tips below are designed to teach you how to play no limit hold’em online and also how to gain an advantage in your online poker game. Take a look and then apply what you learn so you can get in on the game the world loves—Texas Hold’em.

How to Play:

• Online Texas Hold’em is played just like the brick and mortar version of the game so if you play offline, then you’ll quickly understand the online game of Hold’em.

• All players are dealt two cards and the initial round of betting begins. The order of betting is determined by the dealer button and the posting of both the “big blind” and the “small blind”. After everyone has an opportunity to fold, raise or call then the “flop” is dealt.

• The flop is dealt and considered community cards. These cards are cards everyone can use to make a hand. The flop contains three cards.

• Another round of betting begins after the flop. Players call, raise, fold and so on.

• Then the “turn” card is dealt which is one card dealt face-up with the other community cards on the table and another round of betting takes place.

• The final card dealt is called the “river” card and this fifth and final card initiates a final round of betting. At the end of the hand, the winner takes the pot and if there’s a tie, the pot is split.

Sounds simple? It really is and you’ll find online poker is the best way to play because there’s really no pressure as a beginner like their might be in some poker rooms throughout Las Vegas and other touristy areas of the world.

It’s easy to become a poker contender online too. The following tips are designed to help you win when you play.

• Find a poker room through The listings listed here show players where the competition is “loose” and this can change monthly so keep an eye out for the easier poker rooms when you first begin to play. Then, you can look at advancing to more difficult poker rooms.

• Unless you love a challenge with cradle bait, avoid the larger poker rooms on the weekend until after midnight. After 12, you can take the players’ money but before midnight, you need to possess a lot of patience to play with the party crowd. Especially in the No Limit re-buy tournaments where novice players will go all-in with a pair of fives before the flop.

• If you are playing in the larger poker rooms, play in the sit-n-go tournaments on the weekend. You’ll find the competition is challenging but not too tough for you to be a contender!

• Remember, every player has an online poker face. Watch the other players for telling signs and react accordingly.

• Avoid online chat in poker rooms—it’s only there to distract you.

• Take your time each time it’s your turn. Slow to play helps you take the pot away!

• Pick online poker names which are misleading and show weakness. Examples are “NewPlyr” or “DmbBlnde”. Let your poker face online depict something opposite of your poker skills and true personality.

• Play when you are rested and well into the game of poker. Pay attention and watch the game.

• Never play “post-blind and fold”—if you are going to play then play. If you post and fold, it shows you aren’t watching your game of online poker.

Online poker players can be some of the toughest competitors in poker. However, if you learn to play online, look what can happen. Two World Series of Poker main event champs came from the throes of online poker rooms!